We Are The Authorized Licensor for Patented Process Specific to All Over Printing.​

AOP STL. provides licensing options to printers, manufacturers, importers, individuals, and retailers who wish to produce or sell goods which fall under Patents:

US 8,958,131 / US 9,468,237

“A Systems and Methods for the Printing of Pre-Constructed Clothing Articles and Clothing Article so Printed.”


What we do for you

AOP STL. ensures your business is properly licensed to produce, import or sell goods which may infringe upon US Patents; US 8958131, and US 9468237.  Whether you’re an individual, a business, or a licensor of goods you wish to produce or import into the U.S.,  you need to ensure you protect your right to do so, as an Authorized Licensee.  As each licensee is unique;  we work with you to ensure you not only comply, but have the appropriate license for your business.


LICENSING INFORMATION                                      

Poppy Digital Artistry/ Nodbod LLC/ Whimsy Rose/ AOP STL.

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AOP Sublimation Examples.

All-over printing on preconstructed garments is currently utilized for a wide variety of consumer applications; ranging from one-off personalized creations, to licensed or branded products, to customized fashion apparel.





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